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to the people around me.



I can connect to my friends on Facebook. I can connect to people that interest me on Twitter. I can make professional connections on LinkedIn. I can share my favourite places on Foursquare. I can buy and sell goods on eBay. I can date online on

From now on, I can also connect to the people around me 

with Linkility. Isn't that great ?

What can I do with the people around me to improve my day to day life ?
Rent the two-bedrooms flat 
you have in Chicago
Sell the bike you 
don't use anymore
Say that you're available 
to talk at this event
Offer these two tickets 
you have for the Louvre Museum
Post your job offer for this internship this summer
Get local
cooking tips
Recommend that restaurant nearby you love
Find a babysitter for your son tomorrow night
Promote your
local business
There is more than 1,000,000+ other ways of using Linkility

How can I do this ?

Statuses and images 
with the people around me

Statuses and images 
shared by the people around me

with the people around me
(neighbors, walkers, shopkeepers, colleagues,...)

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